Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Christmas Party

Meredith, Audrey, and Matty came to visit last weekend. What fun to have our precious friends here. It felt so normal, like they should live here too.

We got to have our annual Christmas party. Every year we make gingerbread houses together and exchange gifts. We have done this since Jack was a baby. So fun to get to do it this year even though we live miles apart.

Sam adores Matty. It is so cute. They play together and copy each other's moves.

Thanks for coming!

Some highlights from the game today!

We love basketball!

I made 6 baskets!! Yeay!

Sam tries so hard. He is just a little bit short and it is hard to get the ball all the way up to the hoop, but he made a basket today!!! He came home from the game and practiced by himself for about an hour on our goal. Sweet boy.

Here are some highlights from their game today....