Friday, February 20, 2009


Here are a few of Sam's loves...
Rolling over
Sitting with you and being a part of the conversation
Cooing and giggling
Sucking his thumb
Grabbing your things, especially when you are eating
Playing in his exersaucer
Kissing Daddy on the cheek
Wearing the same size diaper as his big brother - no joke!
Making bubbles with his mouth


Here are a few of Jack's new loves...
Wearing my nametag when I get home from work
The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jesus Loves Me songs
Trucks, choo choos, cars, tractors, balls
Looking at his book that has Papas, Nanas, Mimis, Papaws, uncles, and Greats
(He goes through and points out everyone by name)
Kisses for Sam
Throwing away dirty diapers
Taking his fruity vitamins
Immitating everything we say and do (We have to be careful)
Saying lots and lots of words
Throwing a few temper tantrums
Following his big boy friends around
Calling Sam "Ya Ya"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jack still loves to look out the front window at the cars going by. If you look farther back at our earlier entries, there is a picture of him sitting in front of this window watching the cars when he first learned to sit up. He can say "car", "truck", "bus", and "choo choo". For a while he was calling everything a "tractor". Sooo, cute....

Here we are again!

We finally got a new computer. It was a struggle up until now to get pictures on the computer. It took hours to do and then more hours to put them on the blog. But this is much easier. Our last entry had us feeding Jack when he was a few months old. Now he is 18 months and we have another addition to our family, Sam is 4 months old. Hopefully we will be able to keep you more up to date with all our adventures.

We love to dress the same!

Our Little Wild Man

Sam is such a happy baby.

He just loves to be with everyone.

In the church nursery, they call him "Smiley".

My Dad's Shoes

Jack has a fascination with our shoes right now.

He loves to put them on. He wants to walk in them around the house and he gets so frustrated. He usually ends up falling and throwing them out of a fit of anger. It is hard to express your emotions when you are 1.

We love to dress them alike.

Best buddies forever!

Our sweet children

Sweet Sam. He is such a wonderful baby.

His hands are always in his mouth. He absolutely loves to suck his thumb. He is starting to enjoy playing with toys. He grabs for anything that is near him. Tonight he grabbed the taco I was eating.

They love to go on walks together. Jack usually sits with his arm on Sam and pats him the whole way.

We got a baby for Jack when he came to the hospital to visit Sam. Here he is taking such good care of his baby. Proud daddy. :)

Ice Storm

A large ice storm hit Arkansas as well as a large portion of the middle of the country. Here is Jack looking out of his room at all the ice.

We had large limbs down everywhere in our yard.

Sam wasn't so sure about being out in the cold.

Neither was Jack. We went outside thinking we were going to play in the snow like Jackson and I like to play. We were reminded again that our children never seem to play the way we think they should.

We thought Jack would like to get pulled on the sled, but we were wrong. His buddy Abe, next door, rode and rode on the sled. Jack just walked around. He wanted to play on the swing set that was covered with ice and fallen limbs. Oh well, better playing next time.